Project Red Pill
- Freedom 101 DVD Downloads -

Create a folder somewhere on your hard drive, such as your desktop.
Download each of the 18 files below into that folder. Once you have
downloaded all the files, run DVD.EXE. This will recombine all of the
pieces into a file called DVD-REV3-Fixed.iso. It is a DVD image file
used to burn a DVD copy of the Freedom 101 DVD using your DVD burner
and software such as Nero, Roxio, or MagicISO. Total download is 4.3 GB.

DVD.001          DVD.010
DVD.002          DVD.011
DVD.003          DVD.012
DVD.004          DVD.013
DVD.005          DVD.014
DVD.006          DVD.015
DVD.007          DVD.016
DVD.008          DVD.017
DVD.009          DVD.EXE





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